About us

Our Philosophy

Having gained extensive combined experience in various fields of logistics and trade, we launched PRO2 Professional Project Logistics GmbH
because we believe in the value of sustainability. For us, the key to success is understanding your project and our role in it.
Our logistics planning optimizes costs, speed and reliability. In addition to a solid concept, we provide personal supervision at important transport stages...
Founding year
Served countries
Moving cargo tons

Sea freight

Optimize your sea transports together with PRO2.

Air freight

PRO2 offers worldwide air freights, quick and reliable.

Road haulage

National and international, PRO2 organizes the transport of your goods to its destination.

Rail haulage

PRO2 offers sustainable and environmentally friendly transports on rails.

Your partner on site

With our great experience, the trustworthy international network and our partnership approach towards our customers we are always ready for your projects!

Our service for you

We are there to assist and to develop logistics solutions for you. We keep you up-to-date during the whole transport and lend a helping hand.


With the individual approach, thinking outside the box, open communication, being close to customers and cargoes, reliability and on time delivery we support your success.

Your global added value

We make the extra mile during worldwide transports for your highest satisfaction.