Moving goods / donation goods / personal affects / private goods / household goods

You intend to move to a foreign country or move back to Germany? You want to send donation goods or personal effects?

We assist you with the formalities, take care of the pick-up of the goods and the customs clearance / declaration and deliver them to the final destination.

In order to be able to assist best possible we need from you

  • senders’ address including telephone number and e-mail address
  • receivers’ address including telephone number and e-mail address
  • your deregistration confirmation
  • a packing list in German and English language containing all information about the content and further information:
    • measurements/dimensions of the single boxes/crates (length x breadth x height)
    • weight of each box/crate packed (gross) and unpacked (net)
    • in case of boxes/crates the content of each box/crate
    • total number of packages / boxes
    • approximate total value of the goods


According to the packing list we will apply for customs clearance for the export. Thereafter we arrange the pick up of the goods and transport them to our warehouse. It is of course also possible that you deliver your goods to our warehouse yourself.

In the warehouse the goods will be stuffed into a container together with goods having the same destination. After loading onboard we will send you the shipping document / prove of shipment (Bill of Lading). In the meantime we will provide a copy of the shipping documents and packing list to our partners at the destination port.

After arrival of the container at the port of destination our partners will get in contact with you and either will tell you where you can pick up the goods or arrange the on-carriage until your requested destination.

In addition we or our partners will inform you about the costs which will arise prior to release of the goods.

In case you have sufficient goods for a full container the procedure is the same. After customs clearance we will arrange for pick up of the goods and arrange for a seaworthy packing and lashing inside the box. Alternatively the empty container can be brought to your place and you can arrange the packing and lashing yourself. Please note that in case you take care of the loading and packing of the container yourself we will not be responsible for any damage inside the container.


According to the packing list and the bill of lading (shipping document) we will arrange for import customs clearance. Thereafter we will inform you where you can pick up your goods against presentation of the Bill of Lading (shipping document). Otherwise we can also deliver the goods to your requested destination.

You will be informed about the costs which need to be paid prior release and delivery of the cargo.

The import procedure for a full container is the same. After customs clearance we will take the container to our warehouse and strip it whereafter we coordinate the delivery of the goods to your place alternatively we can place the container at your requested destination and you can take care for yourself of the unloading.

Also here we will inform you about related costs which need to be paid prior release and delivery of the goods.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.